SEZ benefits and business support possibilities for investors in Latvia — Rezekne Special Economic Zone

There are 105 Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Europe. Since the creation of the first establishment, SEZs have become a big part of the business landscape, and it is very likely to find some of the largest investment projects today located in them. The tax exemption for the businesses in a simple and effective tool resulting in the popularity of SEZs. However, deciding on a location for a new project can be difficult for investors. To specify the optimal location requires throughout evaluation and research…

Creating a climate for future growth and expansion in the Latgale Region and Rezekne City

Latvia, officially known as the Republic of Latvia, is a country in the Baltic Region of Northern Europe. Latvia has five planning regions: Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Rīga and Latgale. The so-called land of blue lakes in the Eastern part of Latvia is Latgale. It takes up 14,547 km2 territory, which may seem like a small area, but is known for rich history, primal nature, sincere people, and promising economic growth. Latgale has approximately 1200 lakes, including Lubans (largest by area) and Razna (largest by water…

The Investor’s Guide To Surviving (And Thriving) At a Post Covid-19 World

Have you heard about Special Economic Zones (SEZ)? Since antiquity, governments, emperors, kings and queens have been providing traders and investors with special respites from standard import-export tax regimes and regulations in return for a steady stream of much-needed revenue. One of the most well-known success stories of implementation of SEZ in the 20th century is China’s well thought through process, going from being one of the most economically strained countries to one of the wealthiest economies in the world. China’s experience with SEZs has developed over time…

Rezekne Special Economic Zone (RSEZ)

Located in Latvia, Baltic States, RSEZ ensures a strategic location for companies with target markets in the EU, EEZ, and Eastern countries.

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